Cleaning crew

Our Story

We have seen firsthand the stress that comes from finding the right cleaning crew for a job.  We knew we could fix the problem if we just figured out a way to make the whole process easier.



I have been a full-time real estate appraiser for 20 years and am a licensed realtor and I’ve seen firsthand the value a clean house provides. Also, realize that the selling process can be stressful so saw a need to provide a service that’s easy and convenient and adds real value to a property.


Nick has worked as an accountant and is part owner of a large property management company and realizes the importance of fast, dependable service that takes the worry and stress of the process away from our customers.


Changing the Cleaning Industry

Once we realized the main problems in the cleaning industry and the stress that people have to deal with in finding and scheduling cleaners, we set out to change the cleaning industry for the better.  

By taking all of the scheduling on for our clients, we reduce a lot of stress.  Because we have a lot of connections, we can keep the cleaning costs within budget.  

Now, finding and scheduling cleaners within budget is an easy task for all situations, whether you’re a construction company, a homeowner, a bed and breakfast owner, or anyone who needs cleaning.

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