We Handle It All

One Call Cleaning Services

Once you call us, you can stop worrying.  We handle all of the details.



Hiring and managing the cleaning team


Finding cleaners that meet your budget


Scheduling around conflicts


Following through to make sure it got done right


Passing on important instructions (don't let the cat out)

quicker turnaround
Quicker Turnaround

No more calling to find cleaners who are available.  We handle that for you.

trustworthy cleaners
Trustworthy Cleaners

We vet all our cleaners to make sure they’re trustworthy.  

quality work done right
Quality Cleaning

Every job.  Every time.  We make sure it’s done right.

frustrated construction manager

When hiring cleaners, many people struggle with:


Finding someone who's available


Dealing with scheduling changes


Getting someone you can trust


Sloppy results or half-done jobs

Benefits of Working With Us

Improved Quality

When you work with us, you can rest assured that every job is done right.  We hold our teams to a higher standard.  The bar is just higher.

Time Savings

Most people have better things to do than a long game of “dialing for cleaners”.  Let us take care of the scheduling and see how much time you save.


When we say one call cleaning, we mean it.  You let us know what you need and we make it happen.

office cleaning
Regular Cleaning

Finding the Right Cleaners Can Be Difficult

We understand.  It’s a tough job finding and hiring cleaning crews that can show up every time for each job.  Finding someone you can trust, who’s reliable and available takes time.

Restaurant cleaning

How it Works

We work hard to make your job easier.

call us
Step 1:

Fill in our online form

we call you
Step 2:

We contact you.

confirm details
Step 3:

Confirm the details.

our crew cleans
Step 4:

Our team cleans.

Step 5:

Leave a review.

Cleaning Without The Fuss

Try The Easy Way to Clean

At Idaho Cleaning Connection, we get it.  Hiring cleaners can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be.  We offer a service that takes care of everything so you can worry about other things.